Color Match

Not sure which color will match your hair? Don't worry! Our team of hair experts are here to help you choose your perfect shade, for free!
Simply email us a few images of your hair to and our dedicated team of professionals will advise you on which colors will suit you best!

Top Tips: Ensure the perfect blend by following these simple steps!

1: Ensure that your hair is down and take your photos in natural lighting, away from direct sunlight.

2: Take photos from different angles; we recommend taking 2-3 photos.

3: Don’t take your photo in bright or direct sunlight - this makes it very difficult for us to suggest a color!

4: Avoid putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail, this makes it harder for us to see your gorgeous locks!

5: Don’t take a super close up selfie - we can't see the ends of your hair where the extensions will be shown!

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